Why you should advertise in RDI, in print or online

Your ad will not be lost in advertising clutter

Retail Design International (RDI) has a low advertising-to-editorial ratio. This means that your ads will stand out and be noticed by readers. To maintain the publication’s editorial and visual strength, we limit the number of ads we accept and are careful to place each ad for maximum impact.

Our readers pay for their subscriptions

Our readers not only pay to subscribe, they pays a high subscription rate—on average more than $200 annually. The issues are not thrown away, but saved for future reference. What’s more, nearly all our subscribers say they share their issues with at least three colleagues.

Your ad will be seen around the world

RDI has a broad international distribution. Our subscribers are found in the U.S., Canada and across the globe. In addition, RDI is sold to many international subscription agencies and book/magazine distributors.

Our readers are big spenders

Our subscribers are the important decision-makers who are investing money in the design of new stores and the renovation of existing ones. They also spend money on visual merchandising and displays and constantly seek new ways to improve the appearance of their stores. As an advertiser you will be reaching industry leaders who are working for the top retail stores, shopping center developers, architects and store design firms.


For information please email John Burr.


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