Retail Spaces: Small Stores No. 2

Small Stores 2

Hardbound, 400+ photos, 224 pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 978-0-9854674-3-2

Retail Spaces: Small Stores No. 2

This, the second volume of Retail Spaces: Small Stores, builds upon the overwhelming success of the first and features 56 of the newest and most innovative small stores. This exciting segment of the industry continues to drive retailing forward as an abundance of small retail stores open across the globe. The many recent success stories you’ll see in this book prove that small spaces and big sales do go hand-in-hand. With careful design and exciting visual presentation small retailers are generating profits that rival their much larger competitors and far exceed what the square footage might suggest.

Although it’s easy to focus only on the challenges of a small store, the advantages are significant and are emphasized in this new volume. In addition to the obvious savings in real estate and overhead costs, the small retailer has the ability to precisely focus the shopper’s attention. Careful consideration of store layout, fixturing and visual presentation ensure that every item in a retailer’s offering beckons to the consumer. The results are gems of the retailing world that entice shoppers to linger—and return again and again.

Retail Spaces: Small Stores, No. 2 takes you around the world, from the retail centers of North America and Europe, to India, China, Australia and South America. This volume also features a diverse range of retailers. In addition to fashion boutiques and shoe stores, you’ll visit wine shops, jewelry and electronics stores, sellers of household goods and cosmetics, several pharmacies and a cookie shop. Never overlook the innovations in a segment not your own; good ideas cross boundaries.

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